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Single Mom In Need Of Help

Single Mother 1 started this conversation

I am a mother of two , who wants to provide the very best for my kids. For  the past 3 or 4 years I  have been trying to  look for ways to apply for goverment grants, and I myself alo have bought books etc. to try  and find help. If there is anyone else out there that have and would like to help me please feel free. I am looking for a grant to be able to buy my kids and I a decent home and also to clear up my credit.

Thank You,

Single Mother 1

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single mother 1 did you find any free grants. I am in desperate need of one, several, just money

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My name is Betty and I am lookingn to fine a free home loan. I am a single mom of 1. Is there any where I can find one

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singlemom indeed

Have you been able to receive the help you were looking for? I also am a single mother of two, but I have a home and keeping it has been very hard. My mortgage went up twice in the last 12 months, because of the taxes and the adjustable rate. If you found the help or knowledge you were looking for plleeeaassseee help me.

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Hello, my name is Eva and I also am a single mother of 2 with one on the way. I was wondering if your ad helped you any? I am also trying to find a grant that can help me finish school and help with buying a home, I have tried everything and still have not found anything promising. I am dumb-founded and unsure of which way to turn so if you have any info to pass on, please I could use a little help. Thank you! My e-mail address is even if you haven't found anything maybe we can share some notes.

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Elaine of TSA

See: http://www.partnersincharity.o rg Also google search "your state" + "women's housing initiative ". Good Luck

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Shaun Maries

as i just told another woman. the only way to get a grant to buy a home is to contact your local HUD them and tell them what you are looking for, and ask them to send you applications if any of them are open to the public right now. also the HUD website for your state also has some online forms to send too

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Single Mother 1


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